Soft plush indoor mat

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Soft plush indoor mat

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The softest floor mat of the moment is at Mujos!

Who better than the Mujos to know what is good for staying comfortably at home ? No one ! You would like to have one indoor rug at a time elegant and very cozy to bask in the best conditions? You couldn't have been better!

Mujos is very happy to invite you to check out our brand new plush soft rug today! It's a Mujos exclusive, so make the most of it, there will not be something for everyone.


Treat yourself to a real little piece of paradise!

Our plush floor mat is simply the best there is today. Indeed, we use premium velor and fleece to guarantee you a carpet terribly comfortable and warm.

A lot of people like to work or watch TV on the floor… however this presents a big problem. This last one is very often uncomfortable and above all very cold when outdoor temperatures drop.

That's why we decided to create a warm new indoor rug that is nothing like the others. It's not for nothing that the Mujos, this lazy and lazy animal can not do without it!


The cocooning rug you need!

Our floor mat is adapted to absolutely all your desires and needs. You can just as easily place it in your living room to drink a delicious hot chocolate or read a good book as in your room to work in peace with unequaled comfort. Everything becomes possible!

Of course, our soft plush rug is available in a multitude of colors. You just have to choose the one that best suits your interior and voila! There is something for absolutely everyone!

Please note, there are only a few left in stock. Waiting is taking the risk of missing out!

Hundreds of people use our Mujos indoor mat daily, why not you?

❤️The Mujos love this product because:

  • So soft and comfortable

  • Available in several colors

  • Both for the living room and for the bedroom

  • A real pleasure to lie on it

  • Not found in store