The essentials of cocooning in 2021

The essentials of cocooning in 2021

Soft materials and enveloping colors, in the first days of autumn, the living room switches to a cozy decoration for another season.


.A place where you can take refuge in the house. On the sofa, under a comfortable blanket, make room for the long night watching a movie or reading a book. The living room is located in the center of the room, it is a living room where everyone loves to party all year round, especially in cold weather. Adjust the furniture and decoration to have a warm interior, like a cocoon shape. Explore our tips for creating a comfortable living room atmosphere.

With little things, a series of silky cushions or a set of chandeliers, the living room becomes a real soft place. This other season is also an opportunity to change furniture. Large sofas or benches in natural materials in the shade of the senses create a comfortable living room decoration. Fancy some light, the walls are decorated in cheerful colors. According to different tastes and styles, the possibilities are numerous. Carpets, curtains or small furniture, there are many ideas for weaving a real cocoon as a living room.


1. Soft materials create a comfortable living room

Want to find some peace in my house, soft materials multiply. The entire living room has boiled wool, terry cloth, and plush materials. Cushions, sofas, small pieces of furniture or rugs, it is fun to combine them to increase the softness of your living room.

2. Reading lights to have a good time on the sofa

Essential criterion for a pleasant living room, the light is worked with care. The different sources are more or less intense in order to vary the lighting. In cold seasons, an e-reader diffuses a delicate light, right next to the sofa. A good excuse to curl up here and watch a series or flip through magazines.

3. Wood brut brings a natural style to the living room

Trend for a little while, wood is a safe bet for a cozy decoration in the living room. More than ever, it is coveted to reinforce a feeling of refuge, of hut like a cocoon far from the tumult of external life. It is preferably solid and raw for a natural look. But he also likes to surprise us with worked woods and more original species.

4. Full of softness with a rug in delicate colors

In a wide range of tones, materials and dimensions, the carpet is popular in the living room to warm the atmosphere. Placed on the floor near the sofa and, why not, on the wall to dress a slightly cold space, the rug is available as you wish. In a cozy living room, it sports colors as soft as they are elegant, shades that soothe the spirits.

5.An alternative to the sofa: the cozy armchair

In a corner of the living room or around a coffee table, the XL armchair is a warm option. With a soft seat and a traditional design, this fabric model is reminiscent of country houses. It is perfect for cocooning moments in the living room.

6. Pastel tones for a bright living room

Linked to the Scandinavian universe, the pastel palette is suitable for the living room. These shades, both discreet and luminous, emanate a quiet force, a peaceful spirit in the heart of a cozy living room where life is good. On a section of wall, a repainted piece of furniture, a geometric shape, the avenues to follow are creative.

7. A string of cushions brings a dose of comfort

In the decoration of a cozy living room, cushions are essential! More or less large, in various tones and varied materials, the main thing is to provide them in abundance. Beyond their ability to enhance the sofa with color, the cushions are also a guarantee of comfort. They move at will for a cozy place.

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