How to offer your Mujos for sale?

We are pleased to announce the opening of our first digital crypto art gallery based on the Ethereum blockchain in the coming days! And yes again a Geek project

We are therefore looking for #graphists, #illustrators, #designers, #creative who wish to join our project.

How to participate ?

1) Submit your version of #Mujos in svg.

2) Adding your Mujos in our gallery and for sale at a price of 1 ETH.

3) 50% gain in ETH on the sale of your Mujos.

4) Your Mujos must be unique.

5) Send your earnings to an Ethereum wallet after validation of the sale of your Mujos.

6) The price of your Mujos changes every day, if the ETH goes over 10,000 € that's pretty cool for you!

7) Contact by email to submit one or more creative proposals.

8) Your work is listed in our smart contract linked to the Ethereum blockchain, which makes it completely secure and unique and therefore rare.

9) Your creation will be present on the largest international digital art exchange marketplace. 150,000 visitors per month.

10) Creation of a link to share your Mujos on your portfolio, blog, networks etc.

Come on, it's going to be good! You will see what we can do !!

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